Monday, July 6, 2015

Surviving tests

I really do not like tests. I did not like taking tests when I was in school. I do not like proctoring tests. I do not like grading tests. In fact, I hardly give traditional tests in my classroom. A little piece of me dies whenever standardized state test season rolls around. Two months of on again off again testing is not much fun and drains every ounce of energy from everyone on campus. It's the worst. After a three hour tests students are spent and have no desire to accomplish anything academic. For the math test we actually pulled out I SPY books in order to unwind and relax our brain. 
I really do not think people outside of education realize how dreadful these tests are. Has anyone watched a plant actually grow for hours upon hours? Well this is similar to watching students take multiple tests. Pure entertainment I tell ya. John Oliver did a brilliant job explaining the joy of standardized testing. It's all too true and I encourage you to watch his clip

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