Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Clothes Line

My advice for new teachers takes place outside of the classroom. Yes, setting up classroom procedures and making parent contact frequently is important, but how you prepare for your week can be just as important. One thing that I do to make my week smoother is prepare my clothes for the entire week.  There have been weeks where I do not prepare my clothes and end up rushing in the morning ironing...not fun!  I love being able to just relax in the evening knowing that everything is prepared for the days ahead.  Plus I am pretty sure I look more put together when I prepare ahead of time...well at least I think so.
I typically fling clothes on the bed and then iron down the line. This process of selecting and ironing usually takes an hour to complete everything...not too bad.
On each hanger I hang a small jewelry bag that I have collected from American Eagle. Each bag contains that outfits jewelry for the day.
 Here is an example of a days jewelry...black bow bracelet and pearl lace bow earrings.
 I have become dependent on wearing a watch if I do not you will find me with a timer clipped to my shirt...not fashionable.


  1. This advice is the best...I love it!

  2. OK! This is AMAZING advice!! Sometimes I can manage to get things pulled together the night before...but only sometimes! This is going to be my goal for the weekend!

    Ms. Preppy's Adventures in Primary and Polka Dots

  3. I love it!! I typically don't decide until that morning what I am going to wear and then it takes a long time!! I will have to give this a whirl!!

  4. I can only dream of being that put together... :)

  5. Thanks ladies! This is truely the best advice I could give anyone...teacher or not!


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