Saturday, August 20, 2011

Passing Notes

Last week one of my little 6th grade classes decided to join the age old middle school ritual...passing notes. Might I add that the culprits were sitting right next to one another? I watched for a while and then gave them "the look" and the passing stopped. They did however give me an idea to implement with other 6th graders.

I somehow forget how little and helpless 6th graders are at the beginning of the school year. They make me grateful that my 7th and 8th graders know what is expected of them!
I decided to write the little ones notes to encourage them as they adjust to middle school life. I wrote them each a post-it note message and handed them out as they were walking in class. They seemed a little confused and acted as if they were in trouble, little did they know that they were about the receive a dose of positivity.


  1. That is so sweet--such a good idea!

    I'm one of those mean teachers that takes up the notes if they pass them...I haven't thought to be nice and write one to them.

    I teach at a private school and we have to write two paragraph comments on each student after the first and third quarters and we do academic notices/commendations where we send letters (or emails) home on "official" letterhead letting them know if they scored well/improved, etc.
    I think that's a really good way to let the kids know that we know them well and we're watching their progress.

  2. Oh I would of pulled the note and read it if one of my 7th and 8th graders were passing one, but 6th graders are at a delicate state right now!

    Wow, that is pretty intensive student reporting you have to do!


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