Friday, August 26, 2011

Warning: Rant Ahead

My 7th period class single-handedly made the lyrics "giving hot mess a new meaning" a reality for me today. I am not exactly sure what happened 5th period, but they came in all emotional. They were visibly upset and crying, not to mention that one student could not enter the classroom they were so upset. The last thing I want to do on a Friday is clean up a mess that I do not know how it started!

They were supposed to take their first vocabulary definition test today, but after surveying how they entered the room I needed to somehow clear the toxic environment that they brought into my classroom. So, I did what I thought would clear the slate...I read my two favorite stories: John, Paul, George and Ben and The Greedy Zebra. Reading those stories did the trick...whatever happened disappeared and my 7th graders were back to their normal middle school selves. Thank goodness! Not to mention that several of them did well on their first definition test!

Now the stories made them feel better and me a little, but I needed a little extra. So, I did some mindless wondering in Hobby Lobby, Kohls and The Dollar Store. I do not drink, however, my drink of choice when situations like this occur is Sprite...don't ask me soothes me.
Kohls find
Top flips to double as a mini coffee table
Has ample storage space inside
Made out of leather
Yep, that's right
The original price was $149.00 which is ridiculous!
Who would pay that?
80% off
I paid $30...Saved $120


  1. Thanks for the comment on my blog. I'm thrilled that someone caught the Friends reference. :) Yes, I'm a HUGE fan.

    I like the way you handled your stduents' moods. I will be checking out the two books that you mentioned. We as teachers do so much more than just teach.

  2. I am some-what jealous that I did not think of such a great idea for blog titles...I think it is too late now! I just watched the one with Ross gets favorites one by far!


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