Monday, August 22, 2011

Who Am I

At the beginning of the school year every teacher created a bio poem for open house. I did not follow the rules to the tee, but I came close enough. The line where we had to write three fears took me forever to come up with. Last year, I put roaches and throughout the year plastic roaches kept on popping up in my room. So I was sure not to put anything that could make a guest appearance in my room. I should of put Starbucks gift cards, sunflowers and chocolate...maybe next year!


  1. This is great! Do you have a template for it?

    ps. I found your blog through the middle school linky party!

  2. I do not have a template for this, sorry! I am sure you can find one if you search for bio poem. Here is one that I found:

    Hope this helps! Thanks for stopping by!


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