Thursday, July 19, 2012

Helpful tips for Donors Choose

I don't know about you, but I would like to be wise with my money in regards to the classroom. I want to dump bushels of dollars in my classroom to make it the very best and thankfully Donors Choose helps me do so!
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Donors Choose is a non-profit organization that connects public school teachers with people who want to fund classroom learning.

Through Donors Choose I have had six projects funded, including the most recent one yesterday! The donors can be anyone that are interested in the project you created. They can give as little as $10 or fund your project completely.

Tips for creating a successful project on Donors Choose
Specific- Do not ask for the moon and back. Create small projects that have a theme: vocabulary, biographies or book shelves. If you want to build a classroom library start with one genre at a time.

Simplicity- When writing your projects details write the bare minimum. Answer the question the best way possible and make it appeal to anyone who would donate. You are motivating people to donate to your project. Sell yourself!

Amount- I have found that projects under $200 get funded faster. Your project has to be over $100 in materials. Projects of larger amounts take time to be funded.

Creative- Create a title for your project that will grab donors attention!

Pictures- Donors Choose has you select a picture for your donor page. Bright, colorful, fun and smiles never hurt!

Communication- Your donors will want to hear from you once they donate. Thank them as soon as possible!

Gratitude- Once your project is funded you will have students create thank you notes! This is how you keep donors interested in your future projects!

If you would like a look at my past and present projects for an example here is a link:
Here is a project that needs funding and time is running out!
{Ms. Hassel's project}

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