Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Three letters: ESE

ESE = exceptional student education/educators
{a.k.a special education}

Due to political correctness and all that jazz ESE teachers educate an exceptional bunch of students.
{Like we did not already know this}

For those that glanced at the "my journey" portion of the blog you might of discovered that I have a specific learning disability in the area of auditory processing. Due to my label I guess you can say I have some first hand experience with special education.

I was identified with having a disability when I was in 1st grade and my disability remains to be my ever present shadow. My SLD does not play much of a significant role in my life now a days unless I am taking  a test (processing issues) or dabbling in some math (I avoid math like the plague).

Through my disability I have learned countless lessons, cried numerous tears and have climbed invisible mountains that seemed impossible. My disability has been a blessing in disguise in more ways than one.
{more about this at a later date}

Around the 11th grade the whole college and career decision hits you like a ton of bricks. I always knew I would attend college and given my families track record for landing somewhere in the education field; I presumed I would go into education as well.

My natural instinct decided on special education because...well...I know what it's like to be an ESE student I might as well hop the fence and be an ESE teacher.

My journey in becoming a teacher was fairly easy a couple of bumbs in the form of tests and professors nothing too out of the ordinary. Since I have SLD that is the group of students I wanted to teach and with a degree in varying exceptionalities k-12 I could do just that.

I feel that I can relate to my students in a way that no amount of training or degrees could. I have fought their fight and have come out on the other side victorious. This is why I choose ESE as my profession...I was born to be an ESE teacher...It's in my blood or DNA.

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