Thursday, July 26, 2012

H54F: The beginning of it all

Another high five for Friday From My Grey Desk. This week was completely different than last. First off teachers started back on Wednesday! Students come on August 8th! Goodbye summer hello school year!
 {Lots to do lots to do}
Summer's last breakfast with my mom and sister
Like I said before I will miss summer time breakfast the most. It's my favorite meal of the day and this joy is completely gone during the school year... although there is the weekend! 
Ruth's hot pink nail polish
My sister and I decided to give Ruth a mini manicure and yes we only painted one nail. Ruth is deciding if she likes the look of painted nails.
 Danger Zone
Less than 24hrs back in town and I find myself here. The good news is that I can only spend about 20 minutes in this's a tad bit overwhelming!
Power Tools
I bought my first drill to hang this mesh shelving unit...and truth be told I plan on returning the drill now that its hung...Why can't you rent a drill?
Classroom Beginnings
I am back in my windowless classroom. Bland walls will soon be jazzed up with some color. The current state of the classroom resembles yucky cold oatmeal.


  1. I am going to miss morning breakfast too - only one more week of leisurely making my oatmeal and toast, catching up on my morning blog reads, and the Today show. Le sigh. Already looking forward to days off!

  2. What do you plan to do with your bland classroom? I love seeing crafty, creative people at work! :)

    I added you via GFC. I hope you can join my link up! It's on Tuesdays: :)



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