Monday, February 3, 2014

Mastering vocabulary

I have a 6th grader that is not that great at taking spelling and definition tests.
This student is one of those that appears to have a lot of potential, but has yet to figure out a way to use it.
...especially when it comes to vocabulary words...
His main problem is that he does not study. I think he, as well as other students, do not know how to study.
So after another definition test had been taken and failed again I came up with this:
I emphasize breaking spelling words up into syllables that way they seem more manageable. 
This foldable breaks up a spelling words syllables, gives the word as a whole and then has the definition on the back. Depending on how many syllables the word has is how many cuts you make on the fold. 

Time will tell if this student will use this new method of mastering his vocabulary
fingers crossed
First spelling test taken with this new study method resulted in a B-...not too shabby!

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