Monday, February 10, 2014

To respond or not to respond

When you work with students, especially in middle school, there is a chance that odd little comments and questions will be heard on a daily basis. Since we are officially back from break I have been asked some odd questions as well as heard some interesting remarks. Here is this weeks odd questions and remarks brought to you by a 7th grader and 8th graders

During vocabulary bell work
7th grader: Miss do you have an extra pair of earrings
Me: No, why would you ask me that
7th grader: Because of all of my teachers you would be the one to have an extra pair

While grading an essay
8th grader: Miss do you know what you look like?
Me (awkwardly looking up): Uhh no, what?
8th grader: You look like a baby doll today.
Me (concerned look on my face): Thank you?!?

During a writing group
8th grader: Miss you're Cuban right?
Me: Why would you think I'm Cuban?
8th grader: Because you're blonde and pale...most Cuban girls are like that.
Me: Well, I'm from Texas and I'm definitely not Cuban
8th grader: Oh, if you wanted to pretend to be Cuban you could pull it off
Me: I'll keep that in mind


  1. I love the randomness of the middle school mind.

    Miss A's Planning

  2. This made me laugh. I miss working with those crazy 7th graders.


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