Friday, February 21, 2014

The business of running a classroom

There are various methods that tell teachers how to run a classroom. Some will change your classroom for the better while others will not survive to see lunch. 
Kagan is cute
Flipping your classroom sounds interesting
Whole brain learning
Multiple intelligence
and the list continues

My outlook is that I run my classroom like a business. It's simple, logical and makes sense to me...nothing fluffy or cute just the basics. Here is the break down of running a classroom like a business.

Are my clients. You want them to be satisfied and happy so they will  come back the next day ready to learn. I am sure we have our handful of "difficult" clients we have to deal with on a daily basis. 

Paraprofessionals,OT,PT, speech/language pathologists and staffing specialist 
Are my board of directors. Since I am an ESE teacher there are people coming and going at different points in the week. They are the ones that truly see me as who I am in the classroom. They are not administration coming in for a quick observation, they are there to help my students and make my job easier. I feel comfortable around them, they see what I do in the classroom and never pass any judgement. 

To put it simply they are my coworkers. I love them all even the ones that are no longer at my school. The wealth of knowledge that they possess is outstanding and encouraging. There is nothing I like more than brainstorming with them about various lessons. 

Are my investors. Some are overly invested and others are barely there. 

Are the presidents of the company. Not an active participant in running the business, but their presence can be felt and their request are listened to. Truth be told I had a hard time categorizing them...I feel that their role could change...possible by standers in running a classroom.

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