Sunday, December 18, 2011

Anthro What?

I spotted these beauties a couple of weeks ago in Anthropologie.
Whenever I am in Anthropologie I like to play my version of the price is right; where I try and guess how much anthro is asking for such an item.
Well I guessed $18 for the winter wonderland jars. Well, I was right about the eight unfortunately not the one.
Antropologie was asking for $38 dollars for one of these Mason jars.

Before setting down the Mason jar I examined every detail with the intention of re-creating one of these little jars.
 Finding trees and what not were a little bit of a challenge since every craft store already marked their Christmas supplies to 50% off
I sprayed each tree with a little extra snow and spray paint glitter to give them that twinkling that snow has. I used three old candle jars with lids as my containers. On the bottom of the jars I cut out some cotton pads and also added extra snow and glitter spray to them.
I mixed a variety of glitter and snow to make the perfect snow fall. Hot glued the trees to the cotton.
 Bam, take that Anthropologie.
 This jar is a recycled candle container. I always feel guilty throwing away any good glass jars and over the years have collected quite a few glass containers.
 I ended up spraying the lid with glitter spray as well.
 I plan on making several more once I am on Christmas break!

Only three more days!!


  1. Beautiful! Love!!! I want to make a paper tree from there that is out of old sheet music.....

    4th Grade Frolics

  2. Good job! Those were really expensive, huh!?

  3. Thanks ladies! I am glad you enjoyed the jar! Making them were fun...I would have to be out of my mind to buy one!


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