Sunday, December 11, 2011

S'more Cups

Came across another pinterest inspiration
This one in the form of a mini s'more bite
how could anyone resist
 I formed the cup by using the other side of a tablespoon. I advise that when scooping the graham cracker mixture you use a heaping tablespoon in order to make a deep enough cup.
 You build this cup in a similar s'more fashion
 "First you take the gram you stick the chocolate on the gram and then you roast the mallow then you cover it with some more chocolate."
//if anyone gets this reference I will send you a s'more cup\\
 There was only one mishap when one cup toppled off the rack. I did the only thing logical to save it...I ate the cup
 I did not put chocolate on the top of all of them because
1. I did not want to melt any more
2. Not everyone likes a lot of chocolate

The lovely lady from Texas Cottage posted the recipe on her blog


  1. These look AH-mazing! Send me one!! :)

  2. i get your sandlot reference! =)

    Sometimes, I say "forrrreeevvverrrr" [ala Squints] in my classroom, but of course none of them get it.

    Such a pity!


  3. Yea Sandlot! I say the forever reference too and no one gets sad!


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