Wednesday, December 21, 2011

These last three days

As much as I hate half days these last three were quite enjoyable. I managed to get a lot done so I can plan on the first day back...which is an inservice day!

Exams done
writing essays written
progress reports completed
grades ready to be turned in
classroom nice and clean

With everything pretty much over for the semester the students and I had some time to enjoy the little things that we never have time for

Here is what we did in snap shots


  1. very cool - I'm glad these last three days have been productive - and WELCOME to winter break! I did some room cleaning before break too and it felt SO good. I passed back projects that had been piling up. Switching out bulletin boards with 165 kids is pretty challenging - passing back the work is even harder!

  2. Thanks! I am so glad to be on break and just slow down! Going back to a nice clean room is a great way to start the new year for sure!


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