Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The one with all the water dams

I am not exactly sure how this topic came up in class, but students were trying to find a way to curse without getting into trouble. I told them that if they could work in a water dam into everyday conversations that might be one ever was successful at this.

During our common course exam there was a reading passage guessed it...the history of water dams.

Student 1: Miss, you better stop cursing or I am going to tell on you.
Me: I am just reading you the exam, which is one of your accommodations on your IEP.
Student 2: I did not know there were three different types of dams
Me: Well, did you also know there are 50,000 dams in America?
Student 3: Miss, ditches rhymes with...
Me: don't say it
Student 3: but if the d turns into a b
Me: I know, I know
Well, my 7th graders did find a way to successfully work in a water dam into everyday conversation thanks to the genius who decided putting in a reading passage about the history of water dams was appropriate.


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