Monday, May 21, 2012

The one with Charles Dickens

This moment to remember is brought to you by Mr. Dickens.
At the beginning of May 7th graders started a multi-step biography on a famous author.
I allowed students to pick from a list of authors and then they had to come up with twenty questions they wanted to find out about their author.
{Cornell Notes Style}

One such student selected Charles Dickens as his author to research and gather questions for.

As students were brainstorming questions I was meandering the classroom to monitor their progress. They were coming up with decent questions and then I went to check on Mr. Dickens questions and here is what took place:

A: I have twelve questions for my author
Me: Well, and you are still alive
A: funny miss
{glancing over his questions I start to become concerned}
Me: umm "A" can you read me your questions
A: how many girls did he have, when did he kiss his girl, did he pay child support...
Me: hold on "A", you are asking Charles Dickens if he paid child support?
A: yea, why not, Miss why are you looking at me like that?
Me: because if Mr. Dickens was alive I am pretty sure he would slapped you by now!

//Side note\\
when working with middle schoolers I would stay away from any word that might cause them to squirm in their seat when said allowed. I unfortunately picked two authors whose last name made them giggle
Charles Dickens
Emily Dickinson

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