Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Mothers Day and Middle School

I am sure we all can remember creating cute little cards for mom on her day when we were young, but when did the home made cards stop?

3rd grade
4th grade
5th grade

Surely middle school.
I do not recall making any type of cuteness past 3rd grade. I assume the lack of home made cards for mom stop happening at school for several reasons:
lack of supplies
academics take center stage
the uncomfortableness if a student does not have a mom

 Well, I am set to change the lack of home made cards for some moms or mother figures this year. I have one class of "exploratory wheel" which according to the state of Florida is where students explore different aspects of careers, but since I lack curriculum for this we just explore different topics.
This week is full of card making. Today the students wrote five teachers appreciation letters in the form of a "high five" and then this Thursday they are making some good ole' mothers day cards. I am thinking something in the form of this...of course we will replace the scribbles with words.
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  1. love these - how thoughtful to have your kids make these for their teachers. Yes, mother's day cards may be a thing of the past in school, especially middle school, and so is teacher appreciation week - way to be awesome for those around you!!!


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