Thursday, May 24, 2012

Waving goodbye to hope

Today I waved goodbye to a glimmer of hope.
I have never been overly sad to see students go, but this year was different.
Today I waved goodbye to my favorite set of students.
I may be a little biased as to why they are my favorite group of students, but that's okay.

This group of students had me for Science and Language Arts.
This group of students started fresh as 6th graders as I was beginning my very first year as a teacher.
This group of students were part of a larger group that I pushed for them to go into general education classes.
This group of students were my first experience with IEPs and progress reports.
This group of students have grown as young adults as I have grown into who I am as a teacher.

They will be missed dearly.

I tried to hide the fact that I was not going to be that sad to see them go, but I was just fooling myself. My glimmer of hope has moved on to high school leaving me behind.

I will always remember them as my glimmer of hope because they showed me that having a disability does not limit them. They were successful and I know their will be other students that will also shine while others are trying to dim their light.

so here is to my glimmering group of hope
Luis L.
Luis V.
keep on shining

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