Sunday, May 20, 2012

The one with C.O.D

This moment to remember comes from C.O.D
and for those that are unaware of what this acronym stands for here is a hint:
a video game

My exploratory wheel class was in the middle of writing teacher appreciation cards. One of the steps in writing these cards was to have me revise their letters. In one such young gentleman's card he wrote something along the lines of:
 "try not to become too addicted to C.O.D"

I paused and began to ask what this C.O.D was and then it came to me
Call of Duty

There were three boys standing around me and they all looked shocked when I decoded their acronym.

"Ms. I can't believe you knew what C.O.D was"
"I think you are the first lady that was not confused with C.O.D"
"I am impressed with your knowledge of video games"
Truth be told I have not played Call of Duty nor do I play any other video games. The only reference I have for Call of Duty comes from The Office. I owe my ability to figure out what C.O.D stands for by being an ESE teacher.
I live and breath acronyms.

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