Wednesday, September 26, 2012

"But I have an...

IEP so you have to help me more than the other students," one 7th grader proclaimed on Monday.
(His IEP re-eval was last week so I guess it was fresh on his mind)
Nevertheless, this was the wrong thing to say in a room full of students who all have IEPs and even a teacher who once had one herself.
Unfortunately, the second this tid bit of information slipped out of his mouth I became the sarcastic version of myself and informed him that he does in fact have an IEP and then I went and named every single student in the class that had an IEP
Molly has an IEP
Jack has an IEP
Ashley has an IEP
David has an IEP
Ruth has an IEP
Ricky has an IEP
Tiffany has an IEP
John has an IEP
Sara has an IEP
Jacob has an IEP
Ian has an IEP
Meg has an IEP

And alllllll the IEPs say different things and I have to help you alllll in different ways.

I think this moment in the classroom can go down as the least graceful conversation I have ever had.

Truth be told it can be difficult to manage a classroom full of students that all have IEPs. Don't get me wrong, I love them to death and would bend over backwards for them. However, its times like these when I have five students who need me to accommodate them, each in a very unique manner that can become a little overwhelming.

On a side note my first IEP of the school year is tomorrow with a student I am very fascinated with.

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