Monday, September 10, 2012

So Close and yet all locked up...

Well thanks to Lyndsay I was reminded of 10 on 10
Unfortunately, she was not at school to remind me to bring my camera home. So yes, friends my camera is locked away in my filing cabinet
Not to leave you empty handed I will give you 10 tid-its from today
(some of them are a stretch...bare with me)
1. Blister
I walked the bridge twice this weekend. On Saturday, I had a baby blister on my right heal and then I had to make matters worse and up grade to a full blown blister by Sunday. In fact I blame the blister for my lack of motivation to not walk back into school to grab my camera. Since coming home I have iced it and taken Tylenol. I think it is safe to say I hate annoying pain.
2. Stamps
Not one to think using stamps in middle school would be ideal, but again thanks to Educated...not so domesticated; I have hatched a plan for these little beauties. More to come on this...
3. Centers
Again, thought centers and middle school did not match, but I was proven wrong today. I tend to look into other teachers classroom to see what they are doing as I am walking down the hallway. This one reading teacher occasionally does centers in her room. From what I can see through the window in the door. Yes, I realize this makes me sound like a crazy teacher stalker. Anyways, she teaches one group while other students are doing their own activity. So I did the same today. Pulled a group of five over and added punctuation to various sentences; while the other group came up with their own sentences using different punctuation marks.
4. New paraprofessional
We have a paraprofessional. Yay, help in the classroom. Life is good again!!
5. 7th graders bringing their A game
For the last month the 7th graders have been acting like their typical 6th grade selves. Thankfully, they are pulling it around. In fact today they rocked at the punctuation centers. It was beautiful, one of those moments where I wish I had a higher up walk in and witness the amazingness!
6. Harry Potter soundtrack
There is something about fall in Florida that makes me pull the wonderful Harry Potter soundtrack! I love watching students perk up as they say "hey this is this Harry Potter"
7. One kid out makes all the difference
One of my difficult clients was out of class today...I wish I could say I missed this little darling.
8. Mastering routines
After practicing classroom routines they are finally coming around and figuring out how I like things run.
9. Strawberries
Red and delishes. So terrific.
10. Season 8 of The Office
I thing I am narrowing down my favorite characters to: Creed or Kevin...perhaps Kelly and Dwight too.

Although I am teaching this odd little mark I am never sure how to use it correctly

{I promise I will not forget my camera tomorrow}

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  1. oh no - well at least you snapped the pictures!!! we can all wait a day :)
    I'm glad you are going to start using stamps too, I'm telling you, they have made life so much easier. Harry Potter soundtrack in the classroom, yes please, I really need to get on that! Today I was doing a lot of Toy Story referencing for our vocab word Prospector, whatever gets the job done, right?!?


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