Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Library Decor

My schools media center is going through a make over. Part of this remodeling was improving the posters that hung through out the library. Each department was responsible for recreating two of these posters.

Since I am part of the Language Arts department we brainstormed what our posters would be. Our first one was modeled after an I-phone; where each app is L.A related. For our second one we tore out pages in a novel and arranged them across the old poster. Then we were stuck...for a while we were just going to leave the pages alone, but it looked like something was missing. Thankfully, pinterest is full of ideas and after searching we combined two pins into one.
Mod podge
spray paint
sponge brush
letter stickers
Mod Podge the book pages together. To eliminate the letter stickers on the pages we used mod podge. Cut out the letters and then arrange them how you like. Peel and stick them on the book pages. Make sure the edges are stuck tightly to the pages so spray paint will not seep through. Spray paint the poster and then peel off the letters. Supposedly, you are supposed to let the spray paint dry, but I lack patience for that. I waited about three minutes before peeling off the letters. The letters came off easily and did not stick at all!
{it looks better in person}


  1. I love this idea - I have seen them around the web but haven't tried to re-create it - yours turned out great!!! I would also love to see the iphone poster

  2. These look like great decorations! Good job!


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