Monday, September 24, 2012

Music in the classroom

Last year I began incorporating music in the classroom and have loved this new addition ever since. There are multiple reasons why I use music in my room.
To fill the silence
To boost productivity
To motivate
To calm/Soothe
To help thinking
To entertain myself
I unfortunetly, forgot my Ipod at home today and deeply missed the melodies floating in the air.
I typically lean toward playing soundtracks in my classroom, but never shy away from some good ole' Motzart or Chopin. Here are the soundtracks I play often.
Dolphin Tale
Finding Nemo
Harry Potter(s)
The Help
The Holiday
The King's Speech
Life is Beautiful
October Sky
Pride and Prejudice
Shakespeare in Love

Are there any soundtracks you love to play in your classroom?
Every now and then I play music with words and watch as student dance along in their seats while they work. Last week I played Stevie Wonder for my 7th graders and one class loved it while the other class was pleading to go back to classical...Here are some songwriters that I play:
Jack Johnson
Stevie Wonder
Mat Kearney


  1. I play music as a signal for the end of class so students can pack up and make it to their next class on time. I started out with the Mission Impossible theme song and now it's the Rocky theme song. The kids love it and I don't have to watch the clock anymore. I'm totally pumped for October - I'm thinking the a little Michael Jackson, Adams Family theme, and other Halloween favorites!

  2. Have you ever tried ? I download all kinds of wordless music to play in the classroom. It's fun to search by feel or style : )

    Young Daze in 5th Grade


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