Saturday, September 15, 2012

Interactive notebook organization

Part of having interactive notebooks is having a home for them.
For me the best way to keep them organized is through these three drawer containers I purchased at Wal-Mart.
(I saw that target marked down their turquoise colored ones this week)
Each class period is divided into their own drawer.
My school is on block schedule. Even days is housed on the left and then odd days are in the container on the right.
My classes are small since I am ESE. My biggest class is 14 and my smallest is 11. The containers are sturdy enough to hold the wieght of the notebooks. I could probably fit about five more in each bin.
The drawers can pull out completly which comes in handy! During bellwork I assign the first student who is complete to pass out the notebooks to each student.
These bad boys have wheels. When parent teacher conference night comes around I wheel them into the hallway and as parents come to me I can pull out their student's notebook to give them an idea of what their child is doing in the classroom.

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