Wednesday, January 1, 2014

An unlikely gift

Whenever Christmas time rolls around students start asking what I would like. My reply has always consisted of something, something flying unicorn, glittered singing unicorn, purple talking unicorn and so on. I do this because I know the likelihood of them actually producing a gift is slim and I am 83% sure I will not like what they give me.
 I know, I know it's the thought that counts.
Well,  this past Christmas I received the best gift ever from a student...pure sarcasm!
Let me give you some background information on this student. He is unlike any other. I am his case manager. He is curious about how to make it as a male model. He owns stock in chewing gum. 

One of our school policies, like all other schools across the country, is not to chew gum.
Apparently, this message has fallen on deaf ears by this lovely student because he is given a citation each class period for gum. Sometimes he gets rid of one piece, is given a citation, puts in another piece of gum which is then followed with a second citation. He has more than once offered me gum and his locker can be identified by the minty smell coming out of it. There has been times were I have held a citation over his head for having gum...If you complete your work quietly, you can keep your gum and the citation will go away
 Don't judge
Being an ESE teacher you have to work with what you have.

On the last day before break he walked through my door and shoved this package at me and grunted a Merry Christmas. After the bell had rang I opened this cleverly wrapped gift to discover two brand new packs of gum!

If a student actually would give me a unicorn I am almost positive that would guarantee them an A in the class....I actually do not care for unicorns I just know they are not easy to come by.

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