Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Well hello again IEP

Me being the stubborn person that I am when it comes to my disability went a majority of my time throughout college accommodation less; until I had to take certification and exit exams and then I used my extended time as well as my calculator off of my accommodation list. Unfortunately, I needed to update my IEP because I let it expire once leaving high school. This brought me to the uncomfortable process of being re-evaluated for having a disability...I will never understand why anyone would lie about having a disability. Thankfully, the university I was attending paid for my re-eval otherwise I would of lost a couple hundred on this lovely process of updating my IEP.

 I have never had a more humbling experience than being re-evaluated for my disability in my younger twenties. I promise my psychologist was a mere five years older than me and she is asking me task after task that a fifth grader would breeze through. My favorite part was reading made up words and piecing together puzzles...least favorite was the mental math part or any thing regarding a math problem! I had to visit this lady a total of three separate times for her to re-evaluate me for having a disability.  When the process was complete I was hoping that I some how out grew my disability, but when the paper work was finally processed and sent to me the results were identical to all the other times I have been re-evaluated. Truth be told I do not like reading what was said about me in that report because I do not feel like it is a true representation of who I am so it sits in a file collecting dust.

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