Friday, January 24, 2014

Teacher accommodations

If you could create a list of accommodations that teachers would be given in the classroom for themselves to use what would be on that list?

I think it's only fair that teachers are given accommodations. I mean we have to provide them to our students so why not receive them ourselves. Over break I asked some teachers what their accommodations would be if they were given the opportunity. Some of them are serious while others are pure entertainment!

Everyone had extended time on their list
A cap on the number of students they have
Only required to satisfactorily complete one half of all paper work
All instruction from the district must be re-explained/re-worded to me quietly
When frustrated allowed to use a special pass to step outside or to the office to "take a breather"
A pass to use the restroom as freely as possible
Check for understanding from principal or department head
Examples of  final product will be provided
Reduced faculty meeting or meetings of any sort
48 hours to respond to emails
Screened phone call from parents
Frequent positive feedback
Personal translator
Meditation coach
At least 30 minutes uninterrupted for IEP planning
No more than two preps
Reduced exposure to stressful situations
One task assigned at a time
Common planning periods with other teachers within your subject area

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