Monday, January 6, 2014

Writing wall

We are officially in month five of writing essays with my 8th grades. They are on essay eight and Christmas gift to them was assigning two essays over break...they were thrilled! I told them not to complain because I was the one grading them.
  For every essay they are required to write each essay three times (rough draft, revise and edit and final copy). For the rough draft and revise portion I edit and make suggestions and then they improve upon their essay. In years past I have just stuck students finished essays in a file folder and called it a day. This year I decided to turn their hard work into decoration. 
They each have a clip board where they display their final copy of their essays. Their name is hanging off the top of the clip board. It's a great way to see who has done which essay and who has not! I have two students that have yet to produce a final copy of an essay!!!The rough drafts, revise and edits are kept in a crate in individual files.


  1. I'm loving your clip board wall! I wish I had some wall space to do something cute like that!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Short and Sassy Teacher

  2. I love this idea with the clip boards!! How cute and useful. Thanks for sharing your idea :)

    Sliding Into Second Grade

  3. what a great idea and it looks GREAT!!!


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