Friday, January 10, 2014

For the love of books

Over Christmas break my family took a day trip out of town. This trip entailed visiting a bookstore and not your run of the mill book store, but one you could actually get lost in. This little gem includes rooms of books from every sort of genre and to top it off this bookstore has cats! 
From a young age my mother instilled the love of books. Instead of receiving legitimate presents during our birthday parties my mother requested that those in attendance give us books. We were also given books during major holidays. I have proof of me receiving a dictionary for Christmas in fourth grade. Weekly visits to our local library was always on our agenda and nightly readings in our beds was a frequent occurrence. Summers were spent adding to our list of books we have read and any book that was made into a movie was devoured. I love books and what they possess within their pages.
I was not much of an adventurous child. I did however go on several adventures that came alive from reading books. 

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