Friday, January 3, 2014

Ice breakers

I recently came across a list that suggested certain qualities of an introvert. As I read down the list I identified with every single one mentioned. Whether it be attending a concert or participating in ice breakers. In which case I tend to avoid concerts and loathe any type of ice breaker. I always dread award ceremonies at school as well as the inevitable beginning of the year teacher ice breaker. Truth be told the majority of the friends I have are due to them forcing themselves into my life in which case I am grateful for. One of my New Years "resolution" for 2013 was to be less sarcastic and if you actually know me you realize this didn't 100% happen...although I did keep some of my opinions to myself...I did not make this same resolution in 2014. 
Over the summer I began to read Mindy Kaling's book Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? I have yet to finish reading it...something about school taking up too much of my time...I am somewhat certain that we are related. First of all she despise ice breakers as much as I do. I can guarantee you that if I am forced to participate in any sort of ice breaker there will be a sarcastic comment coming out of my mouth that will offend an extrovert who happens to love this horrifying game. I think their should be some sort of age limit when it comes to ice breakers. I mean do we really need to force people to "get to know one another" we are adults after all...if I want to know you I will in time talk to you. 

Christmas break is coming to a close therefore the amount of people I see and have to interact with will increase a great deal. Thankfully, I love my students. I however am not looking forward to going back to a windowless classroom.

Why in the world would any classroom lack windows??

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