Monday, January 24, 2011


I love when an item comes with an added bonus. Forever 21 has partnered with FEED projects to sell bracelets with a purpose. The FEED bracelet comes in 6 different colors that represents different countries.

SILVER = Pakistan
BLACK = Kenya
RED = Swaziland
YELLOW = Sri Lanka
BLUE = Hati
GOLD = Honduras

Each bracelet you purchase provides two school meals to a child in that country. I know that two meals does not sound like much, but if you are constantly mealess 2 meals may feel like 22!

Did you know
That every 5 seconds a child dies from hunger, and over 350 million children go to bed hungry each night.

By the time you read this an average of 8 children have died of hunger. Hunger is such a simple solution, but we need to start now to end child hunger!

 For more information on FEED visit:

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