Saturday, January 8, 2011

k vs. b


Over the past month I have gotten two new students from the general education side of the street. I have mixed emotions when students are taken out of gen. ed. and are placed in a self-contained special education classroom.

On one hand I love their work ethic, but on the other I feel sad that they were not successful in general education.

These two new students k and b are the two newest additions to the mayhem. They are completely different and receive different treatment from students.

K- Can clear a hallway as he darts to beat the bell before it rings. His binder is leaking papers from the first week of school and he always seems two steps behind everyone else. He tries his best in every asignment and is a wonderful artist. I understand why K was placed in my classroom because he seems to be a little bit lost in the chaos that is his life.

B- A couple of students (6th graders) think that B came from the gifted club. Which I understand where they are coming from; whenever B is done with his work he pulls out a cross word puzzle book and says no more than 15 words per class. He is extremely organized, does his work and turns in homework. There is a little part of me that wonders why he was moved from gen. ed. to ESE.

All in all K and B are a nice addition to the family. I hope to improve B's skills so he can make back to the gen. ed. setting, but I think K is here to stay!

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