Thursday, January 20, 2011

A glimmer of hope

Have you ever had a day of gloom and then just at the end there is a spark of hope? Well today was one of those days...

The day was coming to an end//for the students\\and I decided to check grades to see how they ended their semester. They all managed to get As, Bs and Cs which is wonderful, but this is not the glimmer of hope...

One of my students has been placed out of two ESE (special education) classes and into general education. His end of the semester grades for those two classes were an A- and a B+!! His reaction to these grades was pure joy! When he saw his grades his hands automatically flew into the air clapping and he had the biggest smile on his face with gleaming eyes! I was beyond over joyed for this student and for the hope that he gave me that students with disabilities can be successful in general education classrooms!!

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  1. Don't forget my little joy of hope. I think that will be very exciting to see him prospering in another environment. We forget that Life Skill students can prosper by being in other classrooms. I am excited for him and hope we can give him that little ray of light.


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