Thursday, July 14, 2011

1 stick, 2 sticks 3 sticks more

Well actually there is 6 sticks
//but whose counting\\

I ventured into the hot FL woods today to gather sticks for an upcoming project
I took with me a mini saw that I ever so carefully wrapped in a grocery bag
I was going to take scissors to break the sticks off, but glad that I didn't
The sticks received a nice soap bath to remove some of the sap
I am still not sure is I am going to sand the sticks down...I kind of like the natural look

Ruth was curious about the sticks so I built her a fence that amused her for four seconds
To all the new comers to Oh Happy Day I am so blessed that you have decided to stay. I am humbled that anyone would be interested in the daily musings of an ESE teacher. Thank you once again!
Cherry on top
as I was heading back I spotted some deer that were out for a mid-afternoon snack

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