Monday, July 11, 2011

School supply goodness

I am all too excited when I see that school supplies are starting to emerge in stores! I can never be sad when summer is ending because brightly colored pencils, notebooks and pens liter store aisles.
 Located Websters Rhyming dictionaries in the dollar section at Target for $1
They also had thesaurus, dictionaries and Spanish/English dictionaries
The Rhyming dictionaries are hard to come by...I have only found seven so far
Staples has penny deals...well you have to spend five dollars to get the penny deals; so it's more like five dollars and twenty cents deal...still not bad
I picked up 25 packs of cap erasers, two sharpie packs and one fine point pack

Here is the break down of items...for those that are intreseted
300 cap erasers originally $32.25 for only 25 cents
two packs of sharpie five count makers originally $4.79 each for only $2
one pack of fine point sharpie two count for free at Target with this coupon

if you are a teacher you can pick up 25 items of the penny deals if you are not than you can only have five


  1. ooh I purchased those same items at Staples on Sunday...such a good deal! :) I'm such a sucker for school supplies!

    I don't know if I told you, but my url has changed to

    so, you may need to update your google reader if you use it...sorry for the annoyance! but i definitely am glad you follow my musings! ;)

  2. I just went pre-shopping today. I got a few small organizational things and I've got some awesome ideas ready to go! I love seeing other people get excited about it, too!

  3. I have got to look for those rhyming dictionaries, they would be awesome to have!

  4. Rhoda-Thanks for reminding me. I would not want to miss you fantastic blog!

    Whitney- I cannot wait to see your ideas for your classroom! Happy school shopping

    The rhyming dictionaries are going to come in handy this year! I have come across them more now that school is getting closer.


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