Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Teaching Necessities

There are little things in life that make your day go smoother
There are certain items that I cannot teach without
Dried fruit
B&BW Scent Bug
EOS chap stick
A jazzy ring
Spell check
Note book
B&BW Cashmere lotion
Breakfast is a must without eating in the morning my day is completely off
Water because teaching is non-stop talking
//I love putting lemon in my water...A student once mistaken my lemon for a fish\\
Dried fruit for an afternoon pick up
Peppermints because student's feathers are ruffled when I chew gum
//If I do have gum and they start complaining I tell them that I am teaching them the correct way to chew gum...they do not appreciate that\\
B&BWs Scent Bug because sometimes middle schoolers smell
A fun ring to wear on my finger
EOS lip balm
A note pad to write down my thoughts on what I want to accomplish
Spell check because spelling is not my favorite
A purple Pentel EnerGel pen that rocks and does not smear

I discovered this blog idea through Mrs. Hahn day dreams who has a lovely blog that I enjoy

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  1. Oh yay! I love these!

    I just bought a Scentsy that I can't wait to plug in my room (dissections can seriously stink up the classroom!)

    And I need to try those pens! Lefties unite!

    Thanks for mentioning me, that's too kind of you! I love your blog too :)


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