Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Let the planning begin

I am pretty proud of myself for waiting three whole weeks before I start preparring for the upcoming school year...typically I only last a week
I have however thought about what I wanted to do for next year, but today is the first day were I have sat down and created a game plan for this upcoming school year

The plan as of now is to have individual file folders for each student to hold various notes
Literary Elements & Devices

8th graders already have a file folder of their writing where they are keeping track of their progress in writing an essay

The purpose of these file folders is to create a reference for students to look back on through out the year. I am hoping that these resources will increase students reading comprehension and writing.

I am also considering having students have a two subject notebook for journal entries and vocabulary words



  1. Good job at prepping for the fall!

    I am a 1st year teacher, so I have pretty much EVERYTHING to prep for!!!! oy vey! :)

  2. Try not to stress...everything will fall into place! Blessings!


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