Monday, September 26, 2011

Big letters

Last week, in class we learned some of the many capitalization rules there are out there in the world. I narrowed down the rules to nine...the ones they use most often in writing.
Students were given a piece of paper with strips
One strip with the nine rules
The other strip with two sentences for each of the rules.
They lined up the nine capitalization rules in order
Then by themselves they determined which one of the sentences went with each of the capitalization rules. We discussed each of the rules before they matched the sentences with the rules.
Once they correctly placed and glued each sentence with the rule they flipped the paper over and wrote their own sentence to the nine rules. All in all the lesson went well. I enjoy watching my students apply what they just learned and this activity allowed me to do so!

I also imported these pictures in a Power Point so students could see what they needed to do each step of the activity. By doing so eliminated a lot of questions.


  1. I really like your activity. What grade did you do it with? What were the 9 rules of capitalization you used?

  2. I believe I used it for 6th, 7th and 8th grade


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