Saturday, September 24, 2011

Tear Jerker

The county that I work in has a program called Golden Apple where individuals can nominate outstanding teachers for this award.

Well, yesterday one of my adorable 8th graders wrote a nomination for me, which he said not to read, I of course read what he said after school and as I read tears started to form in my eyes.

My goal as an ESE teacher is to have as many of my students moved to general education classes so they have an option to have a standard diploma. Well, this student has worked very hard and is in the process of being moved out of his ESE classes.

This is what he wrote.
Ms. Hall has been a good teacher. She has taught me a lot of new stuff. She made me go from intensive to regular Language Arts class. If it wasn't for her I would still be stuck in ESE classes. I give her a big thank you.
From L.V

Funny story about last years Golden Apples. One of my 8th graders was in the process of filling out a G.A for me and unfortunately she had gum in her mouth, which equals a citation. After she signed her citation she marched back to her desk and tore my G.A nomination up and threw it in the trash. I of course found this situation very amusing...she obviously did not.

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