Monday, September 12, 2011

Paper doll

This is the paper version of me.  Just add water and I spring up!
A while ago my mom gathered a majority of my school papers and passed them along to me. Not knowing what to do with the files they sat in my closet for a month or two. While I was re-organizing the closet, that was already organized, I decided to create a more permanent home for these papers. Before placing them in there new home I browsed through what was written about me oh so many years ago.

Truth be told I tend to avoid reading any of my files because my eyes typically get a little watery. Memories and feelings that I have buried for years resurface and usually have an interesting affect on me.

My files new home...ten times prettier than a file folder
The Journey portion of this blog is coming together and will be ready by the end of the week. Hopefully, this post will motivate me to complete it.
My IEPs are old school all hand written
I am so grateful that IEPs are now computer generated for the ones I complete

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