Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Why be Punctual?

Which was fifteen minutes we waited in limbo for him to grace us with his presence that lasted twenty two minutes and nine seconds.
//This is what was discussed\\
students are the future so make it a good one
stay determined and perserver
being the best of the best
troubled economic times
facebook/twitter drama
taking risks

//Here is my issue\\
Obama encouraged students to further their education after school by attending some sort of college. Going to any  college is not an option for everyone...especially for my students. He stated that more than 60% of jobs in the future will require a degree higher than a high school diploma. Well my students will most likely graduate with a special diploma and will be turned away from furthering their what is their option? Take the 40% of jobs that require less than a high school diploma? There has to be other options!

//All in all I have heard better\\


  1. I didnt have my kiddos watch it...

    Im glad after reading your opinion!

  2. Thanks! The whole college thing rubbed me the wrong waiting for the speech just made it worse. Thanks for reading!!


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