Thursday, September 15, 2011

The form that started it all

While I was nearing the end of my time at USF my cohort was asked to write a personal reflection on how we decided to major in varrying exceptionalities. A lot of what I wrote can be read in the "My journey" portion of the blog. In my paper I refrenced a test that identified me as having a specific learning disability.
When my mom handed down all of my files I found the test evaluation that was mentioned in my personal reflection. For years I thought this form had been lost or never made it into my files.

As I was reviewing my files I finally found the form that started it all! A wave of relief came over me as I began to realize that what I remembered early on in first grade actually did take place. I find it amazing that I remember very little about my early education, but can vividly recall being identified as having a disability.
On the first page the evaluator gave refrence as of why I was reffered for testing. Apparently, I was having difficulty in my learning environment. I could not stay on task or concentrate to save my life and following directions was almost impossible in reading. Due to being frustrated beyond belief in the classroom I took to scribbling on my papers and withdrawling from classroom activities. Clearly, my teacher and parents did what was needed by having me tested for a disability.

If you would like to learn more about my journey to become a special education teacher than travel on over to "my journey" section of the blog.

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