Monday, August 20, 2012

Confetti Canvas

Truth is I did not want to bust out my camera to capture the true beauty of this.

The canvas came together in under an hour and took little supplies to create!
Scrap book paper
spray adhesive
circle cutter

I decided to go for the glittery confetti descending down the canvas. I like how the light reflects the polka-dots throughout the day. I would include a step by step, but this project is really self explanatory!
punch out circles, arange, glue!
All in all came out great and pretty simple to make! 


  1. Wonderful! It's easy to do, simple, and affordable! Even I, who is just the opposite of crafty can do that--though maybe not as pretty as you did :)

  2. I found this through Monday Made-It. I love it! I'm thinking it would make a great parent gift for my kindergarten students to make. Thanks for a great idea.



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