Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Hi, this is...

"Ms. Hall calling from (insert school name here). Is this the home of Ruthie?"

"Oh Lord"


Dial again and no surprise to me I go straight to voice mail

"Hello again this is Ms. Hall I believe our call was disconnected. I am calling in regards to Ruthie and how she is doing in school. I want to let you know that we want Ruthie to have another great year. We are here to help you and offer support.....I went on talking until I was cut off..."

I truly believe its hard to ignore/be mean to a person if they are being nice
Even with a hint of sarcasm

I try to win people over with kindness

Now my question is how do I record this phone conversation in the parent call log...
Parent contact successful??
Side note
My dogs name is Ruthie

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  1. oh geez, gotta love that!!! I would record it as "parent contacted" :)


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