Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Rules to live by

I always dread the task of coming up with classroom rules especially for middle schoolers. Raising your hand, staying in your seat and making sure name is on your paper are all fine and dandy for elementary school...but what about middle school? Last year I took the easy way out with these wall decals I found at pb teen. There are about ten that say "I will..." I filled each one in with general guide lines for what my students should be doing and whenever I was asked about my classroom rules I just referred to the "I will..." stickers.
This year I took a different approach. I came up with rules that would apply to what students do in the classroom and outside of the classroom. I told my students that these are the rules I follow day in and day out as well.
 When the students walked in there were the fives rules placed around the room. I introduced them to the five rules and then we discussed what each of the five looked like. Students gave examples of what being independent was and was not. Then they were each given five pieces of paper. They had to write their own definition to each of the five rules. When they were done they walked around and taped the rules by the pieces of paper. I will admit that some of their definitions are interesting!
no put downs
support others
stay classy
be independent
strive for excellence

This week we will narrow down how each of the five rules will be defined and then generate a contract of sorts.

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  1. LOVE this, and thank you for going into more details, because I think that my kids are going to be trying something like this on Friday!!! great idea, and I love the new way to go over rules and expectations, especially for middle schoolers!


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