Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The land of oz and ESE

Sometime in June I was in the goodwill bookstore with my mom and came across an interesting find:
A survival guide for the first-year special education teacher. I have struck gold! Wanting to know how they suggest to survive in ESE I flipped through the thin survival guide.

The first quote in the book is very fitting for ESE: Toto, I have the feeling we are not in Kansas anymore. When I read this quote I burst out with laughter. Yep, ESE is a land of its own filled with flying monkeys and good witches floating in bubbles.

I suppose that Kansas would be general education. Since gifted is underneath the ESE umbrella they would be the citizens of Emerald city. All the misfits that make up oz would be ESE.

{For curious minds...I did not purchase this survival guide}

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