Friday, August 24, 2012

H54F: Hodge Podge

Hello all, second full week of school complete. So far so good. I am loving our sixth graders this year as well as our eighth graders...the seventh graders ehh!
That being said we are getting into the routine of school ESE style...which just means at a slugs pace!
Today brought me notes around the classroom from various students. Always nice to find these after they leave!
 Made my own headbands. Spending $10 for one of these in a store is a tad bit ridiculous!
 After a vocabulary definition test 8th graders pulled out a book to read while they waited....and I did not even tell them too!
Starting a day at Starbucks is never a bad idea!
Well one university and a college has closed due to the potential that Isaac could bring. I am predicting that Monday will be a hurricane day...we shall see.


  1. A hurricane day?! I never even thought about those! Not that impending doom is something to celebrate but we only get to hope for snow days round here!

  2. I looooove those headbands you made. They look super cute!

    Yay for a successful second week of school! Hope your weekend was relaxing! xoxo

  3. cute bun! hurricane day for me too!

    Hope you had a great Sunday! Drop by and say hello!


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