Friday, August 10, 2012

H54F: Two days down

Hello all, hope you had a great week! My week consisted of district trainings and preparing for Wednesday which was my first day of school.
Books galore
 I inherited my childhood collection of The Bernstein Bears books. Oh the memories
 Open house
Goal board began with parents brainstorming a goal for their student. I had siblings join in this year. One brother wrote "Don't be stupid"
Vocab police
I was  given this name by one of my 8th graders. I have covered all my bases as well as a couple extra. No excuses this year for not knowing what is due and when
 Lunch packing
I have forgotten how wonderful a turkey sandwich can taste.
Classroom rules
Students started the year by defining each of our five rules for the year. Yes, one of our rules is stay classy

Have a wonderful Friday and weekend!


  1. The Bernstein Bears!! Memories.... :)

    1. Oh yes, some wonderful memories within these pages!

  2. Hahaha vocab police. I love it! I used to love Bernstein Bears! Now I'm wondering where all my old books are!

    1. I am curently looking for a badge that I can wear that say vocab police. I hope you can find your old books!!

  3. I'd love to know what are your other classroom rules...I love stay classy!

    1. I will be sharing the rest of my rules soon!

  4. Do you teach spelling in addition to vocabulary? I'm always curious about other teacher's curriculum. I have the option to teach/not to teach spelling. I did last year and am still thinking about it for this year. I'm wondering if it might be more effective to teach vocabulary and have students practice spelling with correct spelling of vocab words. Any input is always welcome!!! =)


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