Friday, August 3, 2012

H54F: All things school

Well, I am officially in the school least pre-school routine:
classroom set-up

3 hour smart board training
Lets just say I felt less than smart leaving this training. Great ideas, but unfortunately there were about 3 million ideas being thrown at us during this time.
Classroom supplies
The smell of fresh crayola crayons is amazing...enough said
 Puzzle Lamp
Saw this cool lamp at Ikea. Little did I know that the lamp was made out of puzzle pieces.
 Banner TLC
Finally had the time to cover my banners with fabric. Now they look pretty from the front and the back
Completed Classroom
My room is complete and I love the outcome. For not having any windows it does not look that shabby.

Happy Friday everyone...Off to open house tomorrow!


  1. I haven't had a smart board in my classroom since my second year, but oh do I remember those trainings - so much great info, but no time to really let it all sink in!!!

  2. I love the smell of newly opened crayons too! It's so new and fresh. Haha

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