Sunday, August 26, 2012

Hurricane days vs. snow days

Tomorrow is my first official hurricane day as a teacher. Before this I have experienced one hurricane day in high school and one during college. So far they are not that bad, but there is always the possibility things could get a lot worse. 

I do not recall the number of snow days I had during elementary or middle school, but there were a couple. Snow days were always fun and full of excitement as your eyes were glued to the bottom of the T.V screen praying that your school's name would appear announcing school was delayed or just to stay home. No matter what the outcome was we always ended up outside playing in the white frozen powder until we were too cold to move. 

There is not much you can do outside during a hurricane unless you play in the rain or run against the wind. If you ask me snow days are ten times prettier to look at than hurricane days. A person can only watch a palm tree blowing in the wind for a minute or two before boredom sets in. Of course hurricane days are good for naps and reading books if the power goes out. During hurricane Charlie my sister and I watched a movie in my parents closet and took a nap with Ruth.  This is exactly what I plan on doing tomorrow on my unexpected day off read and rest...hopefully not in a closet!

For all those in the path of Isaac stay safe and dry! 


  1. We are out too! I've been so busy preparing the yard and house, I'm scrambling to get my Monday Made It together:) Be safe!

    4th Grade Frolics

  2. I'm in the panhandle. We will probably be out on Tuesday and Wednesday.


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